ENSC-383 Feedback Control Systems (07-2 Offering)
This first control systems course primarily covers analysis and design of linear analog control systems and includes both frequency domain and time domain analysis and design techniques. The material covered in this course is fundamental and has wide applications in a variety of applications ranging from airplane autopilots to computer disk-drive read heads.

Prerequisites: ENSC 380

You need to be comfortable with basic linear system material. click here for more details

Instructor: Kamal Gupta, ASB 10843, 291-3118, kamal@cs.sfu.ca

Office hours: I maintain open office hours, i.e., you are welcome to drop in any time. So please do not hesitate to knock on my door. In case I am busy, I will ask you to come back later.

Text: Control Systems Engineering by Norman S. Nise. John Wiley. Fourth Edition.

Teaching Assistants:

Moslem Kazemi: Lab TA. moslemk@sfu.ca (away until June 3rd, 2007)
Qing Wu: Marker TA. qingw@sfu.ca
Esmaeil Tafazzoli Lab+Marker TA. etafazzo@sfu.ca
Click here for office hours for Lab and Marker TA's.

Lab Engineer: Lucky One (lucky@sfu.ca). He is to be contacted in case of Lab equipment malfunction.

Course Outline:

Lecture Notes and other relevant handout/materials.

Software Tools: MATLAB will be used as the primary Computer Aided Control Systems Design (CACSD) tool. Many of your assignments and your labs will make extensive use of MATLAB. Click here, for a nice introduction to MATLAB and some MATLAB Tutorials. In addition, you may seek help with either of the marker TA's for MATLAB related issues. They are both proficient with MATLAB.

Laboratory Work: We will have three labs. These are centered around a torsional system (we have five set-ups). Purpose is to illustrate and apply the concepts learned in the lectures. Lab work will be performed in groups of 3 and one written lab report per group for each experiment is expected. I expect to hand out the first set of labs about two weeks after the term starts.

A power point pre-lab presentation.

Lab I:

Lab II:

Lab III:

Assignments: Assignments will be given about once every two weeks and will be due (roughly) in a week. Please hand in the assignment at the front desk in the general office (ENSC) by 4 p.m. on the due date. Assignments will not be accepted after the due date. Generally, solutions 3 will be posted 3 days after the due date). Only a few questions (two or three, somewhat randomly chosen for each assignment) will be marked but you must solve each assignment entirely and hand it in.

Midterm(s): There will be two midterm exams in the course.

Midterm I: June 7 (Thursday), 2007. Duration: 50 minutes.

  1. 1 double sided crib sheet (formulas only; no solved examples/proofs) is allowed.
  2. Topics are: All material covered by assignment 1. This corresponds to Chapters 1, 2 of text, and up to and including lecture 9. click here for a sample mid-term from last year. Please note that some of the material covered may be different than this year's.

    Midterm I Solution.

Midterm II: July 10, 2004. Duration: 90 minutes.
  1. 1 double sided crib sheet (formulas only; no solved examples/proofs) is allowed. In addition, you may bring in the block manipulation rules posted in the lecture notes section; and you are also allowed to bring your crib sheet for midterm I. You will not be asked direct questions on material from midterm I, but you may implicitly need that knowledge.
  2. Topics are: All material covered in Lectures 10 to 24. This corresponds to Chapters 4,5,6 and 7; and assignments 2, 3 and 4. Please note that State Space is not in this course, so Sections 4.10, 4.11; 5.6, 5.7, 5.8; 6.5; and 7.8 are not in the test.

    Midterm II Solution.

Final: There will be a 3 hour final exam in the course. Monday August 13. 12:00 - 3:00 pm All material covered in Lectures 1 to 39. This corresponds to material covered in text for midterms I and II plus chapters 8,9,10 and 11. Following Sections are excluded for these chapters: Sec 8.9, 10.9, 10.11, 10.13, and 11.5. Also exclude Approach 2 in Section 9.5. You are allowed 3 double sided crib sheets plus the block manipulation handout, and a single sheet of Laplace tables (2.1 and 2.2). Please note that no solved examples/proofs, definitions, portions of text are allowed. Only mathematical formulas are allowed.


  1. Assignments -- 10%
  2. Midterms -- 15% + 15% = 30%
  3. Final -- 40%
  4. Labs -- 20%

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