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John Bird

email: jbird


ASB 9839 


About the Lab

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The Underwater Research Laboratory (URL), located within the SFU Engineering Science Department is under the direction of Professor John Bird. The URL conducts research in:

Underwater acoustics: propagation, scattering


3D Sidescan and Sidescan: 3D bottom mapping, bottom classification, (more__) wake removal, harbour security (more__).

Forward profiling: bottom profiling ahead of boats and submerged platforms such as AUVs and towfish.  More__

Doppler Processing and Coherent Clutter Maps: target detection, acoustic fences, harbour security. More__

Underwater Acoustic Transducers: design, fabrication, testing, multi-element sidescan, single element, 3D sidescan, sidescan, Doppler.  More__



The URL is looking for industrial partners who are interesting in aiding our research and commercializing existing and future developments. 


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