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Rodney Vaughan

Professor, Simon Fraser University
Chair, Sierra Wireless

Academic Background:

Bachelor, Electrical Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1975
Masters, Electrical Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1976
Doctorate, Electrical Engineering , Aalborg University, Denmark, 1985
Professional Engineer, Institute of Professional Engineers, New Zealand, 1988


He worked with the New Zealand Post Office (now Telecom NZ Ltd) and the NZ Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, and Industrial Research Limited (IRL). He has worked on a wide variety of mechanical and electrical projects including network analysis and traffic forecasting, and developed microprocessor and DSP technology for equipment ranging from abattoir hardware to communications networks. He was an URSI Young Scientist in 1982 for Fields and Waves, and in 1983 for Electromagnetic Theory. He developed research programmes and personnel working in communications technology for IRL, revolving around signal processing, multipath communications theory (electromagnetic, line and acoustic media), diversity design, signal and sampling theory, and DSP. Industrial projects have included the design and development of specialist antennas for personal, cellular, and satellite communications, large-N MIMO communications systems design; and also capacity theory and spatial field theory. In 2003, he became Professor of Electrical Engineering and Sierra Wireless Chair in Communications, at the School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, B.C.

Other Affliations:

He has guest-edited for several special issues including the recent IEEE Antennas and Propagation Transactions Special Issue on Wireless Communications. He is a Fellow of the B.C Advanced System Institute, a Fellow of the IEEE, an URSI Correspondent, and continues as the New Zealand URSI Commission B (Fields and Waves) representative.