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John Bird

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About the Lab

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The Underwater Research Laboratory (URL), located within the SFU Engineering Science Department is under the direction of Professor John Bird. The URL conducts research in underwater acoustics, sonar, bottom imaging, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), bottom and water column surveys with AUVs, signal processing and target detection.

What's new

         A new sonar imaging concept

The Underwater Research Lab at Simon Fraser University (SFU) is researching and developing a new sonar imaging concept called Computed Angle-of-Arrival Transient Imaging or CAATI (pronounced Katie) for short. This core sonar technology has application in swath bathymentry, 3D bottom imaging, bottom classification, look-ahead obstacle avoidance, and sector scan.  More info...

         Pavilion lake

Early in 1997 an underwater video filmed by a sport diver was given to the Underwater Research Lab at Simon Fraser University. The underwater video, which was shot in a fresh water lake (Pavilion Lake in the interior of British Columbia), showed large fields of coral like growths. Intrigued by the images, we launched a small investigation to confirm their existence and bring back samples. It was clear to us that these growths were unique but we did not know at the time how unique. More info...


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