Computational Infrastructure

High Performance Computation:

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We have the following HPC resources:


  1. A cluster consisting of over 300 cores (mainly DELL), and  over1 TB RAM, containing 5 machines with 12 cores and 128 GB RAM each

  2. Dedicated fileservers:

    1. 15 TB fileserver (DELL PE2950+MD3000)

    2. 15 TB fileserver (DELL PE2950+MD1000)

    3. 30 TB fileserver (DELL PowerEdge R710+MD1000)

  3. A dedicated tape backup library (DELL  ML6020, 128 slot tape library with 4 LTO4 tape drives)

  4. Desktop computers each with 2-4 CPUs, 4-8 GB RAM (mainly DELL)

  5. High-end graphics workstations (8 cores, 32 GB RAM, DELL)


  1. Desktop computers: 2-4 CPU, 4-8GB RAM (DELL)

  2. Two terminal server workstations, 8 cores, 16 GB RAM (DELL)


  1. We use many freely available, in-house, as well as commercial software such as Brainworks, Brainsuite, Freesurfer, VTK, ITK, Mayavi, Paraview, AMIRA, MRICron, AFNI among others for our computation and visualization needs. 

  2. Several student written C++/MATLAB utilities for various processing tasks are available in-house.