Open Positions

2014/11: We are looking to hire one post-doctoral research scientisit to investigate retina/brain morphometrics.

2014/11: I have funding to hire one PhD student in the area of quantative algorithms and signal processing of medical images (brain MRI/eye 3D OCT). Strong quantitative/programming skills are required for developing new algorithms and signal processing tools combining multi-modal imaging, machine learning and statistical methods for design of segmentation, registration and classification methods.

2014/11 I will provide top up funding for NSERC/CIHR PGS or other scholarship holders.

2014/11 Applicants eligible for MITACS Accelerate fellowships  are encouraged to contact me for exploring possibility of a research project in eye/brain imaging.

If you are interested in joining our lab, and have a strong quantitative and programming background, please read our lab's publications to see if these topics interest you. If yes, please send a cover letter identifying which topic you'd like to study, along with some description of your background that has prepared you for graduate study in that topic, and a full CV via email to .

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