Sumanpreet Chhina(Ph.D)

My doctoral's work concentrates on the development of a portable, easy-to-use microfluidic device/system for the detection of DNA amplification. The system utilizes a well-established plastic microfluidics technology and an agglutination technique whereby microspheres are cross-linked by labelled target DNA. This microfluidic device approach will allow us to eventually develop a pathogen detection system that is handheld, ideally suited for the Point-of-care market, disposable to enable biohazard containment, and inexpensive.
Shruti Menon(Masters)

My masters research focuses on the development of an electrochemical biosensor for diagnostic systems and food quality monitoring; this is suitable for point-of-care testing applications and rapid detection of biochemical molecules. Electrochemical detection systems will serve as a platform technology for developing various portable diagnostic and health safety instrumentation of the future.