elections '99
waikia li, chief electoral officer

Just yet ANOTHER quick note from your friendly neighbourhood electoral officer. So far I've recieved several nominations, but we’re still missing a few positions. Hopefully by the time this issue comes out, all positions will have nominees! No more yes/no ballots... I encourage all of you to vote, because you'll be suffering under (ahem) - working with - these people for the next year. Here are some crucial dates to remember:


Friday March 19, 1999
Candidate speeches in the pit at 2:30

Monday March 22 - Tuesday March 23
Voting booths open from
9:00am until 3:00pm

incumbent: Matt Stewart

The president of the EUSS is responsible for providing vision and direction for the EUSS. Most of the time that is spent on the EUSS by the president is time spent talking. The president chairs EUSS meetings and attends various other meetings with people inside and outside of the university to represent the interests of the Simon Fraser University Engineering Students.

Different meetings that go on through the semester include:

Lunch with the Dean: All FAS undergrad presidents meet with the Dean to discuss issues at a faculty level
Department Meetings: As president you attend and get a faculty vote at Department meetings
CDSU Meetings: This one of our links to the SFSS. Through this office we can work with other departmental student unions.
Co-Op Meetings: These meetings happen frequently to help arrange different recruiting and publicity events
EUSS Meetings: These weekly meeting are chaired by the president to deal with the day to day activities of the EUSS as well as the specialty issues that come up every once in a while.

The EUSS presidency is the best way to gain management experience as a student here. This position comes with the responsibility of making sure that every thing that needs to be done is done and is on time.

VP Internal
incumbent: Tom Weir
So who is VP Internal? He never organizes anything, and he spams you on a weekly basis with these "minutes" thingies. In reality VP Internal is mainly responsible for things which the student body doesn't see. I could quote from the Constitution or Policies and Procedures handbook, but the bottom line is that VP Internal is responsible for ensuring that EUSS is operating properly.

Now wait you say, isn't the president in charge? Well yes, the president is the ultimate authority, but generally, the president shouldn't have to deal with the day to day operations of the EUSS. Generally, the president is responsible for the leadership of the EUSS, and the VP Internal is responsible for the administration of the EUSS.

So what does VP Internal do?

  • Keeps the office clean/organized
  • Checks mail and phone messages
  • Takes meeting minutes
  • Ensures EUSS policy is being followed
  • Keeps files organized
  • Answers questions regarding policies and constitution
  • Sells merchandise
  • Attends faculty meetings
  • Acts as cannon fodder for pool league
  • And lots of other little invisible things

    That's about it, or at least what's happened in the last couple weeks. If you have any questions about the VP Internal position, or the EUSS in general, feel free to ask me.

  • VP Finance
    incumbent: Kiyoshi Kuroiwa
    As VP Finance, I handle all the financial aspects of the EUSS. This includes tracking of all incoming and outgoing money (using Quicken), paying all EUSS bills, keeping a running balance of all large events, such as Opfair (in conjunction with the finance person on the Opfair committee), and making bank deposits.

    This semester, we have started a one ledger book system to keep track of all expenditures and income. Along with Quicken, we have been able to track expenses by different categories, such as printer card income and pop expenses. Also, at the end of the semester, a report will be made available summarizing how much money was spent this semester.

    VP Events
    incumbent: Naomi Ko
    VP Events in a nutshell:
    "Help, I'm in a nutshell! How do I get out of here? It's really dark in here!"

    Okay, just kiddin'. The "job description" includes seeing that First Week/Midnight Madness and Polar Plunge are run (by someone, not necessarily organizing the events him-/herself). There's also the Vancouver Sun Run entries, Applied Science Volleyball, ... VP Events usually does larger scale items, but he/she is free to organize anything. (I just say, "Hmm, what do I feel like doing that's fun and that others would also enjoy ...", and the EUSS gives me moola and we all go have fun!) There is some overlap with VP Social, too, and collaboration between the two for fun events is always a good idea.

    Pretty much. That's me in a coconut shell.

    VP Publications
    incumbent: Tim Norman
    VP Publications is responsible for publishing all printed material that comes out of the EUSS. The three major tasks are the Enscquire, the First Year Guide, and the Student Directory. The Enscquire is supposed to be published three times per semester. The Student Directory is released in the fall semester, usually around October. The First Year Guide goes along with First Week activities and needs to be completed by the end of August. The major challenge of this position is getting material to publish. Laying out Enscquires is not hard, just time consuming. If you are interested in this position, keep in mind that I, and at least one other person that I know of, will be around to help you out!
    VP Social
    incumbent: Scott Logie
    VP Social is responsible for keeping up the morale of the engineering department by organizing extra-curricular activities for people to get involved with. Basically, making sure that if people want to come out and be social with their fellow classmates, there are opportunities for them to do this.

    Often VP Social has been in charge of barbecues, but it's important that, when the weather is less favorable, there are other events organized. These events can include pool leagues, movie nights, squash ladders, You Don't Know Jack tournaments. Anything that gets people out and social is a good event to organize. VP Social is also responsible for ensuring that the Semester End Dinner is organized for (usually) the last week of classes in the semester.

    VP Merchandise
    incumbent: Graham Laverty
    You would be responsible for maintaining all EUSS merchandise. This includes advertising and selling stuff, doing surveys to see what people want to buy, keeping up-to-date price lists, ordering products, maintaining inventory and financial records, handling special orders like fleeces and leather jackets, etc. It's basically like running your own little store!
    VP External
    incumbent: J. Cyrus Sy
    As VP External you will be our ears and mouth to the outside world. You will be dealing with other Engineering Societies and any other organizations outside of the University. Your main duties will include: forming delegations to conferences or events like WECC and CEC, keeping in touch with Eng Socs from other universities, and maintaining contacts with companies and other groups off campus.
    VP Electronic Communications
    incumbent: Kevin Ko
    As the official VP Electronic Communications (aka VP Geek), you're job primarily involves: updating the EUSS website in a creative, yet non-invasive fashion. You would need to know how to program in HTML in a clean-to-read, friendly-to-the-next-VP-Geek sort of way... Creation of new pages (such as the large upcoming WECC 2001 website) will be necessary. The EUSS page requires the usual webpage maintenance: cleaning up broken links, broken images, creating new images, updating pages (i.e. for new Polar Plunge and other events). You must also set up the necessary accounts for other members of the EUSS executive. As always, VP Geek attends all EUSS meetings and has valuable input in each discussion. So I've been told.
    VP University Affairs
    incumbent: Cam Kenny
    The Endownment Fund is on your plate because you will automatically become the funding chair for the ESSEF. This involves dealing with Financial Aid, and going to meetings. The real duty of VP University Affairs is to clean the fridge. This isn't too bad, because all you do is throw everything out and wipe it down with a semi-toxic cleaner. On top of this you need to keep the lounge tidy. Oh yeah, like everyone else, you have to attend the EUSS meetings.
    Pop Person
    incumbent: Graham Laverty
    The Pop position entails filling the pop machine, anticipating supply and demand to figure out how much to order, surveying to find out what flavours everyone wants, emptying the change compartment, and rolling coins. You need to make sure the pop machine is NEVER empty, or else everyone will hate you :)

    We welcome feedback and comments at euss-vp-external@sfu.ca
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