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Industrial Partnerships

Industrial cooperation with the following firms in the area of microfabrication, laser micromachining, micromachining, laser microsurgery, and space applications:

Kinetic Sciences Inc., Vancouver, B.C. Successfully completed STEAR Phase I study on Advanced Tactile and Proximity Sensors for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Phase II project has finished for advanced proximity/vision sensor invented during Phase I which is under patent application by the CSA.

Cooperation with Boeing Aircraft on the advantages of space manufacturing of microchips. A major funded study is proceeding in this area in 2000

PMC-Serria, and Canadian Microelectronics Corporation: Development of laser microsurgery integrated circuit repair techniques, and their application in both chip repair or defect evaluation.

Neurostream Inc. and SFU's Kinesiology department are cooperating on the development of biomedical devices.

Tantus Electronics and TRIUMF, Vancouver, B.C., with Dr. Martin Salomon. Development and prototyping of micro electrodes for Gas Strip Detectors. First generation microelectrodes have produced successfully working detectors, second/third generation under test. Cooperating with local companies for application in X-ray inspection systems.

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