Prof. Glenn H. Chapman: SFU Eng. Science

Research Interests

Microelectronics Large Area/Wafer Scale Integration, 
Defect avoidance techniques, 
VLSI design (see also Optical Applications)
Micromachining Microsensors & transducers
MicroElecto-Optical Mechanical Devices

Laser/Optical/Sensor Applications Laser micromachining, & microsurgery
Active Pixel Sensor Sensor Imagers
Hyperspectral Sensor Systems

Biomedical Sensors Laser Micromachined Biomedical Sensors imaging through tissue

Space Applications Orbital Microfabrictation, 
Space based Microsensors

Microfabrication Development of  Inorganic Photoresists & Direct write Photomasks

Embedded Microprocessors
Computer Anti-theft technology
Internet Anti-theft Hardware/Software interaction with the Internet
Address: Office: ASB 8831
School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6

Phone +1-778-782-3814

Fax +1-778-782-4951
NOTE: SFU phone numbers have changed
Detailed Information Wafer Scale Integrated 16 point FFT 
From M.I.T Lincoln Lab


Research Equipment


Industrial Interactions

Research Funding

Teaching & Courses

Potential Graduates, Post Grad or Interns please link here
Laser linking by G. Chapman, design by M. Rhodes
See IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mech. Intell., 10, 1, 106- (1988)

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