Prof. Glenn H. Chapman: For Potential Graduates, Post Doc or Interships

To Potential Graduate Students

Thank you for your intest in my research at SFU. I am always seeking highly qualified graduate students.  Currently positions are available in the following areas:

Microfabrication & nano-optics for the development of  Inorganic Photoresists & Direct write Photomasks
Active Pixel Sensor Sensor Imagers & Hyperspectral Sensor Systems
Laser Micromachined Biomedical Sensors for seeing through tissue

I get many good students with high grades and experience applying (over 200 a year) but can only accept 2-3 new grads per year.  Hence what I request of all serious applicants is that they do the following:
(1) Please see the Engineering Science graduate web site linked here for the university graduate requirements and forms.
(2) look over my web site and see which of the above research areas interest you.
(3) Follow the information links to the web pages with papers in this area.  Download some of these papers and read them over.  My web site is kept up to date with the most recent papers in pdf format.
(4) In your email request tell me exactly which areas interest you, and how your educational/research background can be applied to these areas. If you have specific research or work experience that is relevent please decribe that (e.g. graduate work in VLSI design, optics or microfabrication, or work experince in related areas such as semiconductor fabs).  Please feel free to ask questions about the topic or the papers. 
(5) Please state if you have applied to SFU already so I can look over your full file at the university.

To Those Seeking Post Doctorial Appointments

At this time and in the near future I am not accepting any applications forPost Doctoral Positions.

To Those Seeking Summer Internships

I am always interested in NSERC summer project students currently studying at SFU, UBC or UVictoria.  Since this fills all my summer internship spaces I cannot accept applications from other universities.  Internship students outside of Canada should note that my grants do not allow me to hire undergraduates from abroad and so I am not accepting any applications than those from SFU students.

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