Kamal K. Gupta

Computational robotics, motion planning, spatial reasoning, interpretation of three dimensional scenes.

email: kamal@sfu.ca
Address: School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6
Phone: +1-778-782-3118
Fax: +1-778-782-4951
Office: ASB 10843


Current Research

The geometric aspects of robotics, in particular motion planning, manipulation and geometric reasoning, and 3-D vision for robotic tasks. His most recent contribution is to establish a formal deterministic framework for developing practical motion planners for many degree of freedom manipulator arms. This framework is now being applied to develop practical motion planners for many degree of freedom manipulators in industry and at other research institutions. He is helping International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) to incorporate practical motion planners in control software for their manipulators.

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