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Research Assistant Alumni

AshkanAshkan Z. Deylami

Position:              Research Assistant
Starting Date:    Feb 2008
Office:               ENSC 8850
Email:               aziabakh[at]sfu[dot]ca

Academic Background:

BASc. Engineering Science Student in Electronics Engineering
Business Administration Minor, Concentrating in marketing, and HRM


GUI for a Heart Monitoring Device:
Developed a graphical user interface for a heart monitoring system developed by the CIBER�s team. The software was implemented in visual c++ 6. All the graphing capabilities were made out of scratch to meet the needs of the hardware device.

GUI design for gathering patient statistics, and the backbone database:
Created a program which presented the patients with a questionnaire and save the results to a database. The program was used in Burnaby Hospital during a Trial.

Patient Monitoring System:
Managed a group of 3 people for developing parts of a monitoring system using visual c++. Also personally I was developing the camera monitoring system. The monitoring system would be used in small Spas and health care facilities.

Wireless Communication:
Created a protocol and a program for wireless modules connected to the agent robots on the field and the mother module connected to the computer. The hardware was a board from Panasonic, containing a MC9S08GT processor as the controller, and MC13193 Zigbee wireless transceiver, both products of Freescale.

Image Processing:
As part of my contribution to SFU Clan Robotics, I wrote some parts of their current image processing program, which was responsible for grabbing the picture from camera, and some simple image processing algorithms to make the image ready for further image processing.

PDA Game:
Developed and designed a small embedded game for an HP hand held device, IPAQ RX 3715, under .net Framework environment.

Research Interests:

Artificial intelligence, Image Processing, Control Systems, Soccer Playing Robots

Other Interests:

Fishing, Mountain Climbing, Jazz Lounges and Foosball.

Hobbies & Activities

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