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Graduate Alumni

MohammadHossein Badakhshannoory

Position:              MASc Alumni
Starting Date:    Sept. 2008
Office:               ENSC 8850
Email:               hba14[at]sfu[dot]ca

Academic Background:

M.Sc., Computer Architecture, Dept. of Computer Eng., Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (2007)

B.Sc., Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., Tehran University, Tehran, Iran (2003)



- M.Sc. project: Face recognition under varying pose,

- B.Sc. project: An elevator sequence controller design and implementation on FPGA,

- Hardware/software implementation of JPEG2000 codec,

- Design and implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform, wavelet/Bit modeler interface for both encoder and decoder, Design and implementation of JPEG2000 code-stream generator/extractor


Badakhshannoory, H., Saeedi, P., "Automatic Liver Segmentation from CT scans using Multi-Layer Segmentation and Principal Component Analysis," International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC10), Nov 29-December 1, Las Vegas, Nevada (2010)

Badakhshannoory, H., Saeedi, P., Qayumi, K., "Liver Segmentation Based on Deformable Registration and Multi- Layer Segmentation," IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP10), 26-29 September, Hong Kong (2010)

Hossein Badakhshannoory, Mehran Safayani, Mohammd T. Manzuri-Shalmani, "Using Geometry Modeling to Find Pose Invariant Features in Face Recognition," International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems (ICIAS2007), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Page(s): 577 - 581.

Alireza Aminlou, Nasim Hajari, Hossein Badakhshannoory , Mahmoud Reza Hashemi, Omid Fatemi, "Pattern-based Error Recovery of Low Resolution Subbands in JPEG2000," International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP2007), San Antonio, Texas, USA. Page(s): IV - 273 - IV - 267

Alireza Aminlou, H. Badakhshannoory, M.R. Hashemi, Omid Fatemi, "A New Discrete Wavelet Transform Architecture with Minimum Resource Requirements," Proceedings of Electro/Information Technology Conference (EIT2006), Michigan, MI, USA. Page(s): 470 - 473

H. Badakhshannoory, M.R. Hashemi, A. Aminlou, O. Fatemi, "A High-Throughput Two channel Discrete Wavelet Transform Architecture," International Symposium on Visual Communication and Image Processing (VCIP2005), Beijing, China.

M. Ahmadvand, O.Fatemi, H. Badakhshannoory and M. R. Hashemi, "A Novel Pipelined Architecture for JPEG2000 MQ-coder with Reduced Hardware Resource Requirement," the 24th Picture Coding Symposium (PCS2004), San Francisco, CA, USA.

H. Badakhshannoory and O. Fatemi, "A New Pipelined Implementation for the Two Dimensional Multilevel 5-3 Lifting Based Discrete Wavelet Transform in JPEG2000 Coding Standard," The International Embedded Solutions Event, Global Signal Processing Expo (GSPx2004), Santa Clara, CA, USA.

Research Interests:

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Hardware Design

Other Interests:

Hardware design for image/video coding standards

Hobbies & Activities

Hiking, Computer Games

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