Pavilion Lake: Glimpses of an Ancient Sea Floor

The maps and pictures taken from the lake floor

The location of the lake. Click to enlarge.

Location of the lake.

Contours, roads and creeks

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Geological structure around the lake



These images of microbialites were recorded on July 31, 2001 using a pipe inspection camera (SS-126C) manufactured by DeepSea Power & Light Inc. The camera was mounted at the end of a small piece of steel pipe and illumination came from the built-in LED's. The small length of steel pipe provided protection for the camera and weight for the end of the cable that the camera was suspended from. The video stream was recorded using a Sony Digital 8 Video Cassette Recorder (GV-D800). The still images were produced later by playing the video back into a Sony Digital 8 Handycam (TRV730) through fire wire and using the still photo option.

For sonar images of the mounds on the ridge across Pavilion Lake, click here.

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Last updated: Aug. 28, 2001