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Warning.pdf Dave Lee An excellent 5-page advisory and warning from a student who has survived this course and who has acted as a TA for the course several times. I strongly recommend that you read this before any of the other materials.

Shirley Wong

Frederick Ghahramani

An excellent 6-page introduction to some of the sources for funds for ENSC 305/440 projects.
Manage.pdf Julie Delisle An excellent 14-page description of project management within the industrial setting.
Organize.pdf Shahir Popatia Provides a perceptive 5-page case study of the organizational characteristics of two ENSC design teams.
End of Days.pdf Rhiannon Coppin A 2-page creative piece that eloquently describes the human suffering experienced in the week before the demo.
Components.pdf Eric Hennessey A comprehensive 6-page description of where to source parts often used in electronics projects.
SFU Sakai N/A The SFU Sakai portal is a location in which your team may choose to set up and maintain a collaborative workspace.
Freepository.com N/A Freepository.com is a location in which your team may choose to maintain your project journal.

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