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The following provides the lecture schedule for ENSC 405W along with copies of the lecture materials in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not already have one, you can download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Lectures will be posted following the lecture.


Note that your attendance to all scheduled ENSC 405W lectures is mandatory for you to receive full marks for Professionalism. Attendance will be taken. Please ensure you arrive on time (chronic lateness will be penalized). Except in the case of documented extenuating circumstances or after one free absence, each missed ENSC 405W class results in a 50% deduction for lack of professionalism (i.e., 3 missed classes = 0% for attendance). Similarly, failure to submit the two required Teamwork Evaluation Inventories on the specified due dates will result in a 100% deduction for teamwork.


Finally, please note that all documents written prior to 2017 should not be used as templates. Read the current assignment rubrics very carefully as your documents are graded in accord with them. We strongly recommend that you print out a copy of the rubrics.


Following are the lecture notes and tentative schedule for ENSC 405W (Summer 2018):


Date Lecture Notes Reading

Week 1


Tues, May 08


AQ 3159


Thurs, May 10



ASB 8806A


Introduction to ENSC 405W;

Time Management, Team Meetings, Journals, Rubrics



Independent Work

405W Course Outline Summer 2018
405W Course Schedule Summer 2018
Meeting Minutes Template

Compiled Assignment Rubrics

Creative Thinking
305W/405W/440 Flashback (Spring 2017)

Week 2


Tues, May 15


AQ 3159


Thurs, May 17




Collaborative Writing and Proposals;

Team Dynamics, Leadership, Conflict Resolution




Independent Work

Team Dynamics & Team Building
(World Federation of Hemophilia)

TA Contact, Availability, & Expertise

Week 3


Tues, May 20


AQ 3159


Thurs, May 22


ASB 8806A




Guest: Andrew Rawicz, Engineering Design.pptx




Workshop 1 (in ENSC Machine Shop, ASB 8806A):
Team A, Team H


Week 4


Tues, May 29



Thurs, May 31



Cancelled due to Instructor Illness



Workshop 2: Team B, Team G





Week 5


Tues, June 05



Thurs, June 07



Engineering Safely; Listening Skills



Workshop 3: Team C, Team F


SFU Safely and Risk Services


SFU Office of Research Ethics

Week 6


Tues, June 12



Thurs, June 14



Specifications and Design Processes;

Guest Speaker: Shaun Fickling (Document Issues);


Workshop 4: Team D, Team E





Week 7


Tues, June 19


Thurs, June 21



Design Progress Reviews in (ASB 8836); Schedule


Independent Work

Canadian General Standards Board: http://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/ongc-cgsb/publications/catalogue/index-eng.html


An example of a US MilSpec: mil-c-44072c

Week 8


Tues, June 26


Thurs, June 28



Mike Sjoerdsma: Human Factors and Usability 1


Independent Work



The Design of Everyday Things, Don Norman, 2013. (Multiple soft copies are available on the SFU Library website)

Week 9


Tues, July 03


Thurs, July 05



Mike Sjoerdsma: Human Factors and Usability 2


Independent Work



The Design of Everyday Things, Don Norman, 2013. (Multiple soft copies are available on the SFU Library website)

Week 10


Tues, July 10


Thurs, July 12




Independent Work


User Manuals/Style Review; Poster Presentations; Project Management (slides only)

Manage, Lead, Transform, Shakeel Akhtar & Ayesha Hakim, 2017. (Available from Amazon.ca for $10.99.)


Free Project Management Textbook

Week 11


Tues, July 17



Thurs July 19






Honours Thesis Coffee (ASB Rennaissance Coffee,


Guest Speaker: Ken Rutledge: Canadian Standards Association, (09:30-10:20)


Course Wrap-up (slides only)


Thesis Website






Week 12


Tues, July 24


Thurs, July 26



Design Progress Reviews in (ASB 9705)


Independent Work


Week 13


Tues, July 31


Thurs, Aug 02




Independent Work


Poster Presentations/Demo in ASB Atrium (South) from 08:30-11:30




Following are the notes for past 305W/405W/440 guest speakers. We would like to thank Mr. Dan Gelbart (Creo), Mr. Darren Wahl (Telus), Mr. Clay Braziller (CIMI), Mr. Brad Oldham (SFU), Mr. Esmaeil Tafazzoli (SFU), Mr. Ken Rutledge (CSA), Mr. Mark Pillon (Dorigo), Mr. Amir Niroumand (SFU), Mr. Roch Ripley (Gowlings), Mr. Lukas-Karim Merhi (SFU), and Mr. Mike Sjoerdsma for granting permission to post the slides from their ENSC 305W/405W/440 guest lectures below. Please note that all rights to the posted material remains with the authors.


ENSC 305W/405W/440 Guest Lecturers
Lecture Materials
2017 Reflections Upon a 305/440 Project
Mr. Lukas-Karim Merhi
305W/405W/440 Flashback (Spring 2017)

Founder of Creo Enterprises

Mr. Dan Gelbart

18 Protoyping YouTube Lectures!
2014 Project Management: Street View
Mr. Darren Wahl (TELUS)
Project Management
2014 Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
Mr. Roch Ripley
Intellectual Property Lecture
2007 Some Thoughts on Project Selection and Scheduling
Mr. Amir Niroumand
Thoughts Lecture
2006 Dorigo Systems Ltd.
Mr. Mark Pillon
Dorigo Lecture
2006 Mechanical Design Issues
Mr. Esmaeil Tafazzoli
Mechanical Elements Lecture
2006 Component Selection & System Design
Mr. Brad Oldham
Components Lecture
2003 Canadian Institute for Market Intelligence (CIMI)
Mr. Clay Braziller
CIMI Lecture

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