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The following list provides contact information for the various people involved in the courses as well as their roles. Those names with a star * are the instructors for the current iteration of the course.


Dr. Ash Parameswaran, PEng (Board Co-Chair)
paramesw@sfu.ca 778.782.4971 (W) Professor


Dr. Paul Ho, PEng (Board Co-Chair)
paul@sfu.ca 778.782.3822 (W) Professor


* Dr. Andrew Rawicz, PEng (CEO and CFO)
rawicz@sfu.ca 778.782.3819 (W) Professor


* Steve Whitmore, BCPID (CIO and VP Human Resources)

778.782.4946 (W)

604.319.2709 (C)

Senior Lecturer, Communication Program Coordinator


Mike Sjoerdsma, EIT (CIO and VP Human Resources)
mhs@sfu.ca 778.782.7267 (W) Senior Lecturer, Communication Program Coordinator



  • * Shaun Fickling (Senior Design Engineer)
e-mail Shaun Fickling speakers Teaching Assistant



  • ENSC 405W course maillist



  • ENSC 440 course maillist


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