Assignment and Grading Criteria

Below are the due dates, grading criteria, and weighting for the assignments you are expected to complete in this course.


Due Dates
Grading Rubrics
Assignments Summary As follows Assignment Descriptions 100%
Course Participation Completed in class Participation 15%
Extended Abstract Mon, May 27 Extended Abstract 05%
Draft Journal Article Mon June 24 * Journal Paper 15%
Blind Review Mon, July 15 * Blind Review 15%
Conference Presentations Mons, July 08, 15, &, 22 Conference Presentations 20%
Poster Presentation Mon, Aug 05
Poster Presentation 15%
Revised Journal Article Mon, Aug 05 Journal Paper 15%


*Please note that your draft journal article and blind review must be submitted on the dates they are due. Except under extenuating circumstances, failure to submit these assignments on the due dates may result in an "F" in this course.


Academic Honesty Policy

As with all courses at SFU, you are expected to follow proper citation and referencing practices in ENSC 803 (see the SFU Code of Academic Integrity In order to meet University standards for academic integrity, you must cite and reference the sources for any material that you have taken from journals, books, and websites in your journal articles and your conference presentations. Failure to meet SFU standards can result in failure in the assignment and/or course.

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