Lecture Notes and Class Schedule

The following table provides copies of the lecture materials in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). Note that these notes will generally be posted 1-2 days after the scheduled lecture. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files if you do not already have one.


Date Topics Readings

Week 1

May 06

Introduction to ENSC 803;
Introduction to the Writing Process

ENSC 803 Course Outline;

ENSC 803 Course Schedule;
Assignment Descriptions;
Strategies: 1-8

Week 2

May 13

Creative Thinking;

Planning & Organizing;

Principles of Persuasion; 

Abstracts & Paragraphing


Classlist by Team;

Example Abstract;
Abstract Template
Strategies: 9-40; 72-94; 190-194

Week 3

May 20

No Class (Victoria Day Statuatory Holiday)

Don't Worry -- Be Happy!

Week 4

May 27


Drafting Strategies;

Vocabulary & Sentence Structure

Discourse Analysis Exercise I

Sentence Structure Handout; Strategies: 41-54




Team Purple.pdf

Week 5
June 03

Principles of Informing;

Principles of Punctuation & Grammar Checkers


Discourse Analysis Exercise II

Representative_Discourse.pdf; Representative_Discourse.docx;

Alan Sokal Hoax Article;

Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Access Points and Redundancy;

Strategies: 94-105; 234-240;

Week 6
June 10


Principles of Oral Presentations;

Principles of Poster Presentations;

Revising Strategies


Poster Guidelines; Presentation Schedule;
Strategies: 54-67; 147-186

Week 7
June 17

Revising for Order; Revising for Connection

Discourse Analysis Exercise III

Paper Submission Instructions;
MS_Word Template
IEEE Template Page;

Strategies: 194-212

Week 8
June 24

Revising for Clarity; Revising for Concisness

Discourse Analysis Exercise IV

Blind Review Form;
Blind Review Instructions;
Style Cribsheet;
Strategies: 212-234


Week 9

July 01


No Class (Canada Day Statuatory Holiday)

Don't Worry -- Be Happy!


Week 10

July 08



Conference Presentations:



Review Your Presentation

Week 11

July 15


Conference Presentations:



Review Your Presentation


Week 12

July 22


Conference Presentations:

Review Your Presentation

Week 13
July 29


Discussion of Discourse Analyses:

Team Red

Team Green

Team Blue

Team Purple

ENSC 803 Wrap-Up

I recommend you download the course lectures, so you can review them in 6 months to measure your progress against your objectives.


Library Thesis Guidelines;

Copyright and Theses;

Copyright at SFU

6 Months
from Now


Ongoing Improvement



Review the Course Materials;

Assess Your Progress Against Objectives;

Make Changes as Necessary



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